How To Make Moving Day Easier

The idea of moving from your existing residence to a new house or apartment can be filled with anticipation. A new neighborhood, maybe a new job, maybe even a whole new life may be beckoning you to uproot and take on the next adventure in life. When the time comes to actually enter into the next stage of life, you may find the prospect of moving to be a little daunting. 

With some forethought and advanced preparation, moving day can be reduced to just a small bump in the road to your future progress. Before you let moving day get the best of you, consider some tips for advanced preparation.

Eliminate excess clutter

Depending on just how much advanced knowledge you may have about an upcoming move, you should start eliminating excess clutter from your life as soon as possible. Clean out those closets and purge your life of as many outdated and useless possessions as you can. It makes no sense to drag stuff you no longer use now to a new home where you will still no longer use it. Have a critical eye when you are evaluating your possessions.

Have a garage sale

Consider having a yard sale or garage sale to rid yourself of some of those useless items. The extra money will come in handy for the moving expenses, especially if those expenses exceed your budget.

Plan in advance

Plan your moving day in advance. Schedule the moving van, or the rental truck if you’re doing it yourself, and confirm your reservation one or two days before you plan to move. You won’t be going anywhere if your truck or van doesn’t show up. Likewise, if you’re enlisting the help of friends, make sure they are still available for the date and time they promised.

Don’t make it hard

Don’t make moving day a march to the death for yourself or anyone who may be helping you. Schedule breaks in the day and order a food delivery for yourself and your helpers to keep up everyone’s spirits and strength. Keep water and snacks available throughout the day, as well.

Be organized

If you’re packing the boxes yourself, take time to label each box by contents or by room location. This will be enormously helpful when it comes to unpacking on the other end. Be cautious about packing items you may need quickly in your new location. Daily toiletries, clothing for the first few days or office supplies may be essential to everyday life. Pack them in clear plastic bins so you can easily identify them without having to search through a dozen boxes.

Secure your items

Pack valuables and treasured items yourself. This will eliminate the risk and fear of damage or theft if you take full responsibility for the packing and transport of irreplaceable objects in your life. Use plenty of bubble wrap, towels or other soft items to secure your treasures and keep valuables with you at all times.

It’s almost a guarantee that you will move at least a few times throughout your life. Advanced planning can help create a painless transition from where you are now to where you will be in the future.

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