October and November 2019 Updates & Releases

We have been working on some of the larger requests the last 60 days and we are excited to share them with you all.

Here are some new updates and releases:

Multiple Appointments

You can now book multiple bookings for the same spot for the same provider. Example: if a dog walker can walk 5 dogs at the same time, 5 books can be made for 9 am for that same provider.

Addons On Packages

Using form 2 (packages) you can now add additional add-ons to a package. Example: if a customer selects a specific package, they can also now select add-ons that belong for that specific package only. Extras can also be added on to the entire service separately as before.


You can now use a multiply or manual pricing and time structure for your extras. Example: an extra can cost $10 and will require 10 minutes of work but if it is selected 3 times, you can set different pricing points and times: $10 (selected once), $15 (selected twice), $20 (selected three times).

Job Time Reduction Feature

You can now reduce job time automatically based on frequency selected. Example: If someone selects a one-time cleaning, the time of the job may be 2 hours, however, if they request it to be a weekly service, the system can automatically reduce future appointments by a percentage you decide (main reason: first service will take more time).

Quick Add Tools

We introduced 3 quick add tools to save you time when setting up and managing your store. The 3 tools will help with 1) changing all provider settings at one time, 2) changing specific provider settings quickly 3) changing availability of a provider.

Provider Flexibility

You can now allow providers to manage their settings on their own making your business even more automated. For example: providers can change their own schedules and they can decide which services or locations they want to work (this can be disabled as a merchant).

We hope that you all enjoy them and as always if you have any feedback or you find any small bugs or issues, please let us know!

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