New Features: Time Zones, Automatic Charges & Live Chat

Hey everyone!

We just introduced 3 new features.

1) A live chat feature inside BookingKoala: Providers and Merchants can interact from inside their accounts.

2) Time Zone scheduling: If you manage multiple locations that are in different time zones, it is now easier to book and manage those appointments for everyone.

3) Automatic charging: You can enable a feature that will charge a completed booking automatically so that it saves you time.

Here is a video of how they all look:

If you need help setting them up, here are links to our help center per each feature.

1. Live Chat: Click Here.

2. Time Zone Scheduling: Click Here.

3. Automatic Charging: Click Here.

To see a list of upcoming features, click here.

We hope that you enjoy them and we hope to hear your feedback.


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