New Features: Provider APP & Calendar View

Hello everyone,

Our 2 most requested features are in!

We recently launched the provider app and the calendar view option.

Lets learn more about both:

1. Provider app

Your providers can now download the provider app from the play store or the app store.

Search for BookingKoala and the ‘BookingKoala For Providers’ app will be available for download.

Some new features inside the app:

  • You can now track providers.
  • Providers can now clock in/out of the app.
  • If the provider works for you and someone else using BookingKoala they can easily switch between accounts for easy access and convenience to them.
  • Providers can directly chat you from within the app.
  • Providers can easily take and upload photos per each job.

Additional photos of the app:

Hope you guys enjoy the app! Let us know of any feedback.

2. Calendar view:

Daily View:

Perfectly crafted to show each team and/or provider.

Monthly View:

Perfect for those who want to see how many bookings you have per week per each location or industry.

You can also see that it is neatly organized by color to show if they are upcoming, completed, charged, payment was declined or the booking may be unassigned.

We introduced a calendar view to BookingKoala so that you guys can see everything under one screen as requested.

  • You can view all of your bookings in day view, weekly view and monthly view.
  • Each provider/team has their own row for neat organization of bookings.
  • Easily view unavailability of each provider on the calendar.
  • Decide if you want to use calendar view by default.
  • View the providers section in a calendar view.
  • View customers section in calendar view.

More about the calendar view:

Let us know your thoughts!

Also please keep in mind that these are huge updates in the system and since they are just launched we may still find some new technical bugs.

Please let us know if you find any of them so we can fix them ASAP!

Thank you!

To check what we are working on next click here.

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