New Features: Price Change, Themes, Support

Today we released a significant update, the biggest we had done since our launch last year. A lot of you have been waiting for this one, and I’m very excited to share it with you all.

Price change

I mentioned this many different times; my goal is to make your lives easier, and I want to price the service fairly. Over the last 15 months, we’ve tested several different pricing points, and I believe lowering the price to $5.27 (premium) per user per month will help you all cut costs. That means if you’re starting solo, you will have access to our best features for only $5.27 per month. It’s the lowest price on the market for the best software on the market (at least to me and many of our loyal users it’s the best software in the market).

Current users: to switch over to the new pricing plan all you have to do is go under the subscription tab in your account and re-save your subscription (this will activate the new pricing for your account).

Advanced theme builder

On top of lowering the price, we wanted to save you even more money by ensuring that you can get rid of some of your other subscriptions. You can now build out an entire website inside BookingKoala. This includes a blog, pop-ups, an unlimited amount of pages, and much more. We made it extremely easy to use, and you can craft a fantastic looking website all by yourself, saving you money by not paying expensive designers and developers.

Click here to learn more about the theme builder.


After offering amazing support for over the last 15 months, we learned that those who stick with our software are the ones who sign up and spend hours learning the entire software at their speed. Those who ask questions, or ask us to set up their accounts, leave after a few days because they don’t get to see the value we provide since we either tell them how to do something or do everything for them.

Because of that, we will no longer offer chat support, phone support, or one on one demos/training. If you do, however, get stuck, you will still have email support from us where you can ask questions or report bugs and glitches that you may find. We will also re-do our help center to ensure that it can be as helpful as possible (we will be working on that throughout all of October).

Thank you for all your continuous support, and I hope that you guys enjoy the new theme builder!

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