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Looking for the perfect software to help your cleaning and maid service?

Check out this 5 minute overview demonstrating why BookingKoala is the perfect fit for your service.

With BookingKoala, you can start your own business in 60 seconds or you can use it for your existing business.

Both get the same features making BookingKoala the complete maid service software.

New Businesses:

  1. You pick a theme.
  2. You pick your own industry.

A website is created for you in 60 seconds with forms installed for your customers to use.

What is a form?

Booking Form KoM

A form is a way for customers to book your service and view your pricing. When someone lands on your home page they will click on “Book An Appointment” and later will be redirected to this form.

This is an example of how 1 variation of a form in the ‘home cleaning” industry looks like.

There are different variations of a form and other industries might have different forms entirely.

Your form comes already completed with pricing based on the top leaders in your industry but can be modified to your preferences in seconds.

Existing Businesses:

  1. You pick your industry.
  2. You add a piece of code to your site.

Automatically a form will be added to your site and from your BookingKoala account you can adjust the form to fit your business and website.

As you see in the above image of the form, there is a login.

Customers can log in to their accounts to manage and make new appointments.

Here is an image of how an account will look like when a customer logs in on a computer:

Your customers can do some awesome things here:

Customers can make appointments online and pick previous providers/teams, can search for new providers they heard were good, add tips, reviews and much more.

Customers can schedule multiple industries if your business offers that.

By clicking “New Booking” the customer will get a selection to pick from. Once the customer picks the correct industry they want, they will be taken to the proper form:

For example, if a cleaning service offers; home cleaning, office cleaning and post construction clean-up, you can set up 3 different industries with 3 different types of pricing points for customers to pick from.

From the above image you also notice we have a built in referral program you can turn on.

Customers can invite friends and if they book your service they will both receive rewards of your choice.

You also have an option to activate gift cards for your customers to pick from and send to friends and family:

Please watch the video above to view what else customers can do with their account.

Now lets move onto the admin side where you run your business:

This is where you can:

  • View upcoming, todays bookings as well as completed jobs.
  • You can manage your customers.
  • You can manage your providers and your office workers if you have any.
  • You can book service on behalf of the customer by clicking “Add Booking” which follows the same steps as the customer end.

Here is a preview of the “Marketing” tab:

  • You can add and manage coupons that you can offer to new and/or existing customers.
  • Manage gift card designs as well as all purchased gift cards.
  • View reviews that providers receive from customers.


Reports are your best friend when it comes to business and we give you all the ones you can think of:

  • Revenue reports which can be broken down to view revenue per one time appointments vs recurring.
  • Booking reports to show how many jobs you completed.
  • Payments to view how much your service providers are making.
  • Cancellation reports to see why customers are cancelling your services.
  • Ratings to see how well your company is doing.

And of course many more.

System logs track all activity in the system

  • What change a customer or office employee made.
  • When did they make the change.
  • What IP the change came from.

Settings; is a section where you can control your entire store including forms, notifications, staff and more.

Here is how a providers dashboard will look like:

As you can see the provider can view their appointments, view their payments, reviews, tips and more.

If you would like to learn more about BookingKoala you can click here to learn more about our software.

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