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How does BookingKoala work?

When you sign up for BookingKoala an entire website is made for you along with tools that you need to scale your cleaning service business.

If you don’t want to use our website builder and themes, you don’t have to.

Instead, you can easily embed all of our features on your already existing site.

We do however recommend switching over to our themes that way you have everything in one spot.

This will allow you to cut expenses and you can make website changes without the need of expensive designers and developers.

Home Page:

Booking Forms:

Over the last several years we’ve tested our forms to perfection.

We even managed to increase website conversions and sales by several percent.

BookingKoala booking form

Through this form, a customer can get pricing, find availability (automatically updated in real-time) and book a cleaning with your company at any time (even when you are sleeping).

Pricing, design and structure of your forms can all be set by you before going live.

If you need help, we offer 24/7 support.

Customer Dashboard.

Whenever a customer books, an account will be made for them instantly.

Inside this account they will be able to see upcoming cleanings and previous appointments, they can manage these appointments in real-time, they can send out gift cards to friends and family, and they can refer friends to use your services.

All this is designed to offer your customers value, saving your cleaning company hours of work while increasing your customer base automatically.

Here is how a customer account will look like (main dashboard):

Sample of what a customer sees when sending a gift card:

Customers can buy gift cards and email them to friends.

Later, those friends can come and book your services using gift cards (1 out of 2 people don’t redeem their gift cards, resulting in free profits for your cleaning business).

Another fantastic way to spread the word about your business requiring ZERO work on your end.

A referral program that a customer can use to send your cleaning service more customers:

We implemented the same loyalty program that companies such as Uber, Airbnb, and PostMates use for you to grow at faster speeds.

This is a great option to reward your existing customers while growing your customer base.

We know that this is a lot of information!

Provider dashboard.

You can add yourself as a cleaner or add in your cleaners and teams to the system so that they gain their own access. From the provider account; cleaners can view their jobs, payments, reviews and more.

Your merchant portal (this is where you the owner and your office employees spend time):

From here you can view all of your bookings, customers, cleaners, control your entire website, view reports about your cleaning company and much more. This is your master portal and it can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Features inside your merchant portal.


Add in coupons at any time to help you sell more customers. Later customers can book using that coupon on your booking form or call in to use the coupon.


Use our reports to learn how much your cleaning company is making, how many clients you are booking, why people are canceling your services, how many people are referring your services, and more!

Website builder and themes:

Design your website and booking forms from anywhere using easy to use options. Change text, colors, icons all without the need of ever hiring expensive designers and developers.

Easily add in codes to help you track where your sales are coming from.


Set up notifications based on your preferences and customize them towards your liking. You can also use our ready to go templates.

Facebook share:

Boost more sales using awesome marketing features we have like the ‘Facebook Sharing’ tool. Your customer shares a message on Facebook in exchange for a coupon code that they can use during checkout (gain 1-3 new customers on average each time this option is used).

And much more!

Have questions? You can email us at:

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