Karolina, 20 On Starting Her Baby Sitting Business

Karolina Kamysz, is a 20 year old college student with something special on her mind. Her goal is to create a babysitting empire. Queen of Sitters is your on-demand babysitter located based in Chicago, IL. She is bringing the best most qualified babysitters to homes around Chicagoland one day at a time. To find out how this full time college student is making time to run her business read below what she has to say!

Why did you start a baby-sitting business?

“I started because I was already invested in the field. I was babysitting to earn extra income so why not make a career out of it. I am still going to college, but I figured that with BookingKoala’s help it was affordable and I can do both. Later, perhaps I can choose if I want to keep growing my business, sell it or continue to go to school.”

What was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?

“I’m just like everyone else my age. I’m a college student, I didn’t know where to start, what methods or tools to use, and to just put it simply, I was too scared to start. I had all these questions but none of the answers. One day I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the Koala Course which has helped me get through every question and doubt in my mind.” 

How do you manage to go to college full time and run the business?

“Well I have no problem checking my account in class because BookingKoala makes it so easy and automated that I don’t really worry when I’m in class. Whenever basically anything happens I have notifications through email and texts straight to my phone so I am always up to date on that. After school I take care of the jobs that have come in. Some times when kids are down for a nap I work on marketing and homework. I find it very satisfying that I can manage to balance all these things and have my whole business in one spot.”

Any advice for future entrepreneurs?

“Don’t wait! Even though I’m still in the learning process of getting started, I already feel more confident and my mindset has shifted for the better. Only way for you to know is if you take that leap of faith.”

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