How A Realtor Went From 1 Client/Month to 1/Week

Lester The Realtor, is a realtor from the Chicagoland area practicing for the last 30 years.

He is here to tell us how BookingKoala has helped his business tremendously since he implemented the software.

Let’s see what he has to say!

1. How did you get started with BookingKoala?

“In over 30 years of being a realtor I had never had an online presence. I tried things like many other realtors have in the past, with advertising on Zillow and even trying to go on Yelp in its early years, but they didn’t offer that yet for our industry. I had been stuck in a rut for a while and needed to make something happen. So I decided to sign up for the free trial and set up my booking form in a way that nobody seemed to do, by offering my services for free. This is something I had already been doing for years but nobody seemed to know until they called me. I set up my website perfectly and then decided to start running Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Within 30 days, I had a client book the first in home evaluation online. A day after that, I had a contract to list their home.”

2. What has been the most impactful part of BookingKoala?

“I think that the most impactful part of BookingKoala is the versatility. There are so many features that help you run and automate your business. I personally only use a fraction of these features but I still find incredible value and would not switch to something else. I have seen the videos showcasing the features for other services and find them very useful to those businesses. I even showed this to my housekeeper and she started using it for the homes she cleans.”

3. There are other softwares for Realtors on the market, why BookingKoala?

“I have tried other softwares specific to real estate before but there were always problems. There would be a software that would be a pretty good fit but the customer service would be basically non existent, or there would be something that had not been updated in decades and it just ran very poorly. There was never anything that was over the top with what I needed until now. I just love everything about it.”

4. How can you compare your business from before implementing BookingKoala to after?

“Before BookingKoala I was doing about 1-2 clients a month, sometimes I would do up to 3-4. After implementing BookingKoala and a little bit of marketing I got my business to 1-2 clients a week! It took me some time to get used to having all of this business, I was honestly thrown off when I started getting all of these calls but I couldn’t be happier.”

There you guys have it!

Thank you Lester for sharing your story with everyone!

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