From $0 To Over $3,000 Per Month In 12 Weeks

In this growth story we will talk about how Reji Sarat, an 18 year old from a small town in Iowa, started a mobile car detailing business using BookingKoala and scaled it over $3,000/month in only 12 weeks.

Sarat was one of our beta testers who had early access to the new website builder feature, and who used our courses to help scale his newly founded business.

Let’s learn his story!

1. What is your background?

“Im still 18 years old and after I started Ridenshine I decided to withdrawal from going to college. I was lucky enough that the year just started and they refunded my money that I used to pay for classes. I am not sure if I will ever go back, but since the business is starting to pick up, I might never have to.”

2. How did you get started?

“I learned about BookingKoala from a friend of mine that followed King of Maids for a while and I decided to look into the platform. After a few days of researching more about it, I decided to sign up using the Forever Free plan (no longer a plan offered) but was disappointed that I couldn’t yet create my website (As of today this feature has been introduced). A few days later I was personally invited by BookingKoala to join their private beta testers group to test out the new feature that allows you to create a website inside BookingKoala for free! I must say, when I got to see that part of BookingKoala, I fell in love with the software instantly. I finished up my website, all my forms and after a few days I started promoting my company. In less than 4 weeks I outgrew the Forever Free plan and after 12 weeks I locked in my 85th paying recurring customer which put me at a little over $3,000 a month in revenue.”

3. What marketing strategies did you use?

“I watched the courses that came with the software and I focused on the tablet/door-to-door strategy. To this day, that is the only thing I focus on because it works so well for me. I simply pick up my tablet, ring someone’s doorbell and show them how easy it is to book an appointment and all the awesome things they can do on their own. Those that hear me out, fall in love and book with me right away in seconds. The other strategy that works well for me is the referral system because I don’t have to do anything on my end. My already existing clients are very pleased with the work I do for them and refer their friends and family members who can afford my services. I get about 1-2 new clients a week from the referral system at this stage.”

4. What are your future plans?

“Currently out of the 85 clients I have I do about 70 monthly appointments which profits me about $2,800 after all my expenses. Keep in mind I do everything myself, from the cleaning to the sales. My plan for the next 2 months is to hire someone to do the cleaning for me while I focus more on sales. I am also working on hiring someone to help me sell in other areas. Hopefully sometime 12 months from now I will transition more into a manager position where I oversee the whole operation and no longer have to do any more sales.”

5. What is your favorite part about BookingKoala?

“All of it! Without BookingKoala, none of this would be possible. The most important strategy for me is the door-to-door sales. I don’t think people would sign up with me if I didn’t have something so convenient to show them, like the booking forms and all the neat stuff they can do on their own. I also love that I could make changes to my website instantly whenever I want, and change my booking forms based on the feedback I receive instantly. It is all so easy and so inexpensive. I can’t imagine hiring someone to do all this for me. I’ve definitely never seen anything like this or even close to it.”

6. What advice do you have for anyone who is looking to start a business?

“Start right away if you are serious and start with the ‘Growing’ plan, the coupon feature is very useful when trying to get someone to buy. For example, those that are not interested when I speak to them, come later and book with a coupon that I give to them before I leave. I was able to lock in a good amount of clients using that coupon code. The notifications are also super helpful. It lets the customer know when I am coming to clean their car and if they forgot about the appointment and are not home, they let me know before I spend time going to them.

Also, personally I didn’t register my business till I started making some money and during my first 2 months my expenses were under $500. Don’t over do it on marketing until you are making some revenue from your business unless of course you have money to spend.”

There you have it.

Hope you enjoyed the story of Ridenshine.

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