Growing A Profitable Business Using Craigslist For $0

Have you ever wondered how you can grow a profitable business without spending a single penny?

In this video I will show you how to do that using BookingKoala.

As you may already know, when my partner and I started, we invested $6,000 to start King of Maids.

Most of that money went towards developing a website with an online booking form.

For marketing we relied on Craigslist to onboard our first set of clients for free.

This strategy allowed us to become profitable, which then allowed us to pursue other marketing channels.

When building BookingKoala I always remembered myself when I started at 19.

I remembered that I didn’t have much money and I knew others potentially have even less, hence why I made sure we included a plan that helps you start at $0.

This way, you have all the best tools that you need in order to start growing a business.

I hope that this video helps anyone gets started.

If Craigslist doesn’t service your area, try to find something similar that can get you results for free.

Smart entrepreneurs know that you don’t need money to find something that is working.

Money only magnifies your growth once you find a strategy that works.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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