Black Box Cleaning Speaks On Why They Choose Our Simple Theme

Today we have the pleasure of bringing to you Mimi Grellings growth story!

She explains how she went from using multiple softwares to using BookingKoala.

Here is her story!

1. How did you find out about BookingKoala?

“I was on Facebook one day about 8 months ago when a friend of mine had shared an article they found. I was interested so I clicked it. It turned out to be a story about the owner of BookingKoala and how he grew his cleaning service to a couple million dollars in like two or three years. So I ended up Googling his name and reading all the articles about him. During that time I found and read about the software that he built for his cleaning service and how he turned it into something for everyone to use. I went to the website and watched some videos and saw how advanced the scheduler was, and how everything seemed to be made for a purpose. I just knew I needed to start using it myself.”

2. What Feature Do You Use Most?

“Initially when I signed up it was because of the scheduler, but then they started releasing more features. Not to say that they didn’t already have a ton of even basic features that other softwares don’t have. But the features that I love are the ratings and reports. The ratings are automatically sent to my customers accounts after the service is completed. I am building up my reviews for when the BookingKoala Marketplace comes out I’ll already be ahead of everyone. Also I am very adamant about checking my reports every week quickly and then doing a monthly overview in depth on where to improve the next month.”

3. What Do You Think About Our Simple Theme Vs Other Website Builders?

“I have used GoDaddy and Wix and I have mixed emotions about both. With GoDaddy it seemed that they have very limited things with what can be done. Wix on the other hand, is easy to use and the design is nice. But the one thing that they are both missing the the software that goes behind it like with the “Simple” theme. Not only is it my website but I have the booking software connected to it all in one place. Don’t get me wrong I would take the Simple theme over the others in a heartbeat but there are things still missing like adding more pages, changing the font, and just being able to have a fully built site. I have talked to a team member at Bk about the Advanced Website Builder that is coming out by the end of this year, which will give me all these options and more.”

Mimi’s Review:

There you guys have it!

Thank you Mimi and Black Box Cleaning for sharing your story!

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