3 Places To Advertise Your Service Business

In this blog post, I wanted to share with you the 3 marketing channels that will have a great impact on your business whether big or small.

In the near future I will write a detailed blog post on each of the 3 channels.

Lets begin.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a very visual platform and it works perfectly when building interest in your service.

You’ve probably seen a lot of businesses succeed on Instagram over the years and the great part about Instagram is that you are in control of the audience you create.

If I were to start over in the cleaning industry I would focus a lot of my time on building an Instagram channel showcasing before/after images.

This is the same concept personal trainers use to grow multi-million dollar businesses on Instagram and when executed properly so can you.

By showcasing those types of images you are giving a reason for a user to trust your work, the same way you do when someone reads your online reviews.

2. Facebook

Facebook is awesome because most businesses have not yet figured out how to leverage its platform to bring success to their businesses.

Everyone uses Facebook and each year Facebook is getting better when it comes to showing you what a user is looking for.

When I first started, Facebook was not yet popular when it came to advertising your local services, but Facebook has been on the rise and I personally seen an increase in leads since we’ve started back in 2016.

Just like any trend, you have to wait it out until it starts working and from my personal experience, I believe that Facebook is only going to get better.

I would focus on gaining reviews on Facebook in order to grow with the trend.

Users are starting to use the Facebook search more often and if you get a certain amount of reviews, chances are that Facebook will place you at the top of those search results.

Another thing Facebook introduced not that long ago is the recommendation feature.

As shown in the image above, a user can write a post and ask friends for recommendations.

I’ve seen this feature gain a lot of popularity and it can benefit your business.

After all if a friend recommends your business, chances are that you will get a sale instantly since referrals are a very powerful.

3. Our Marketplace

Like I said before, trends can make you the next big thing in a very short period of time but only when you get on that trend before everyone else finds out about it.

I refer to Yelp as an example because those businesses that started gaining reviews on Yelp early on grew extremely quickly before everyone else was even convinced Yelp was the next big thing.

By the time they were, some businesses were far too ahead of the game taking all the customers.

To beat them it now required a lot more resources and a lot more money.

That is how trends work and that is how I look at Facebook from the above step.

Now, point #3 is not about Facebook or Yelp, but it is about our marketplace that we will be introducing in the future.

If you start preparing for our marketplace ahead of time, your business can get ahead of everyone else and get clients on us for free.


Don’t focus on the things that are too competitive, especially if you are starting out on a small budget.

It will be almost impossible for you to see any sign of success.

Try to find things that take less effort like trends that very little people know about or things that cost little to no money.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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