3 Best Ways To Clean Your Windows

We have reached out to the best in the business to get their best tips and tricks to getting rid of those pesky smudges, fingerprints, and dirt spots. Whether it’s on the inside or outside of your window, you will want to see how to cut time by making your windows look brand new from the factory!

Ms Crystal Clean

Ms Crystal Clean is a residential cleaning company based in New York City, NY.

One amazing way is to use vinegar, simply add 1 tbs of vinegar to a spray bottle of water, shake well, and use that to clean the window.

Another way is with Dove dish soap, add one drop of dishwashing soap to a spray bottle full of water and wipe widows with that.

And lastly lemon water, simply squeeze one full lemon into a spray bottle full of water and clean your windows with that.

Black Tie Pressure Washers

Black Tie Pressure Washers is a window cleaning and pressure washing company based in Houston, TX.

Three of the best ways to clean your windows:

1. Cleaning “By hand”:  Using a window scrubber, a squeegee and clean rags, cleaning windows by hand probably gives you the best results but it takes twice as long.  Get the scrubber wet with water and soap then scrub the window until it is completely covered in your soap and water mix.  Take your squeegee and squeegee off the water on the window, making sure not to leave streaks. Take your clean rag starting from the top left moving to the right, wipe the perimeter of the window and then move on to the left and then the right side, then dry the bottom.  Presto, your windows should now be black tie clean!

2. Water fed pole, hooked up to RODI system:  This is the newest window cleaning technology available with reverse osmosis & deionization. It’s basically a water fed pole that can reach to four stories and higher. It has a brush on the end of it that is connected to tubing, which is then connected to the RODI system. The system allows you to rinse your windows with pure water. You can scrub the window with the brush and your water fed pole, and then spray it off with the pure water. You do not need to dry it off because the RODI system takes all the minerals out of the water so it dries invisibly. This will save you so much time and it does a really great job, and you don’t even need a ladder!

3. I would not recommend a third option for window cleaning. Any other way is either dangerous or does not do an adequate cleaning job. For example, pressure washing windows to clean them is so dangerous, never do this for obvious reasons. A lot of the things sold at the store telling you to just “spray it on and spray off” or just “spray it on and leave it on,” they do not work as advertised. Stick with either number 1 or 2 and you will have outstanding windows.

Rain Gutter Gurus

Rain Gutter Gurus is a gutter and window cleaning company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Rain Gutter Gurus has cleaned some very dirty windows. Here are 3 tips to help you with your windows if you aren’t ready or don’t have the funds to hire a professional.

1. Remove the window pair and its matching screen at the same time, and mark them both with a colorful piece of painter’s tape. This way it’s a breeze to put them back, as you know exactly which screen goes where. Always wash the windows, screens and sills when you do your windows, otherwise, dirt and debris will just blow back on the window.

2. RGG professionals use deionized water, which runs clear and dries without spots. Water is more important than soap. You can wash a mildly dirty window with a drop of dish soap if you are using good water. If you don’t have deionized water, use purified water as a substitute.

3. Skip the ladder for safety at home and buy a set of extension poles. You can still reach hard to wash areas from the safety of the ground. At the very least, if you are going to get on a ladder, make sure you have someone holding it for support.

Big Wave Window

Big Wave Window is a window cleaning company based in Pasadena, CA.

  1. Wash with a strip applicator: Strip applicators are a T-shaped popular window cleaning tool with a cloth brush at the top of it. Strip applicators help apply soapy water to the surface of the window. It is designed in a way that doesn’t crack the window glass. Using strip applicators to clean a window is the first step to clean and remove dirt that has been stored on windows.

  2. Wipe dry with a squeegee: Most professional window washers prefer to use a squeegee to do the job. If you prefer, buy a good squeegee with a removable rubber blade so that it can be replaced when worn. Using your squeegee, start at the top of your glass and work your way down.

  3. Dry off excess water: While using your squeegee, some excess dirty water may have fallen on your window frames, take a towel and wipe down any excess water. In addition, you can take a dry microfiber cloth and buff out any streaks you may have left behind.

The Kontra Cleaning

The Kontra Cleaning is a residential cleaning company based in Yardley, PA.

1.) Traditional way of cleaning windows.

This involves a cleaning solution (1 part vinegar to 10 parts of water and two drops of Dawn dish soap.) Using a spray bottle apply the cleaning solution on the glass, this will soak the dirt and agitations. Next with a mop loosen all the dirt from the glass. A squeegee will also help you remove the solution with loose dirt from the glass. Last step is to use a low lint cloth to dry out the corners of the windows.

There are a couple of ways to use a squeegee.

  •  Vertical strokes
  •  Horizontal strokes
  •  S-type strokes (the whole glass pane is cleaned in one motion) This is how professional window cleaners clean windows. (The most difficult technique of the three)


2.) Steam cleaning windows.

This technique is similar to the first method, since a squeegee is involved. The main different is in the solution. Hot steam will help you loosen dirt and grime and a squeegee will remove all contaminates from the glass. Using a steamer is very helpful with cleaning sills and tracks.

3.) Window cleaning using a pure water system with a WFP (Water Fed Pole).

This technique is the most advanced. The whole system is built around safety, no ladders, solutions or squeegees are involved. Pure water soaks the dirt, then a brush on the end of the pole helps with agitations. A stream of water on the top of the brush is replacing the squeegee. The water in this system is run thru multiple stages of filtrations to remove all minerals from it. The result of filtrations is that all the water left on the glass will dry without them leaving any spots This technique is the most safe and efficient, but it involves a bigger investment. This technique can only be used on the outside of your windows.

The Kontra Cleaning LLC, uses combinations of traditional and pure water techniques to achieve the best result the safest way possible.

Genn-USA Pressure Washing

Genn-USA Pressure Washing is a pressure washing and window cleaning company based in Pearland, TX.

1st. Old Fashioned Newspaper

Yes, that’s right, the same newspaper that is delivered by the paperboy everyday and that most people have access to. It is an inexpensive way to clean your windows and recycle paper at the same time. Just take your typical window cleaning spray, and apply one or two sprays per window pane. Then tear half to one page of newspaper, and place it flat against the window, and begin cleaning in a circular motion. You will notice that as you clean the window, the glass is streak free and clear. Unlike paper towels, the newspaper picks up the dirt but does not reapply it to the window, leaving it streak free. As long as your arms can handle it and you don’t have a ton of windows to clean, this method should prove to be an excellent, and cost effective way of cleaning.

2nd. Mops Squeegees and Steel Wool.

You may have seen select professional window cleaners using mops and squeegees cleaning windows of restaurants or other business store fronts. Well, there is a reason for this. This is a very effective and efficient way to clean the window. Using the mop 1st, you would simply wash the window from edge to edge scrubbing off any dirt and grime. Next, while the window is still wet, drag the squeegee from top to bottom or from left side to right side, and gently push the water and soap across the glass. This leaves the window streak free and clean, without using as much energy as you would vigorously wiping all of the window as you would with newspaper or a towel. Steel wool is used to remove your harder to clean hard water stains and other stuck on debris that the mop cannot necessarily remove. Only 0000 type steel wool is recommended though, as any other wool can damage the window.

3rd. Di-Ionized Water (Best way to clean a window)

The chemistry of Di-Ionized water or DI water, has certain characteristics that can create a seriously clean window and keep it that way for a longer period of time, all without the need of a squeegee, towel, or newspaper. Di-ionized water will actually repel dirt, grime, and certain minerals that lead to blemishes and streaks that cause windows to look dirty. It also repels dirt and grime for a while after the initial cleaning, keeping the window cleaner longer. Using water fed poles, the DI water is fed through an extension pole with a brush attached. As the user brushes the window the DI water is released washing away all of the contaminates. After just a few seconds the brush can be removed and that’s it, the window is clean. As the water evaporates the window stays perfectly clear, without any marks or streaks that ordinary tap water would have left behind. This cleaning approach saves you time and effort, and is the main reason a lot of professional window cleaning businesses use it. The only draw back is the cost. DI water systems can range from several hundreds up to several thousands of dollars.

Whether you are a novice do-it-yourselfer or a seasoned pro, each of these three options will give you the upper hand in window cleaning and give your friends and neighbors something to talk about next time they visit.

Eco Clean Industries

Eco Clean Industries is a pressure washing company based in Brooklyn, NY.

1. Cleaning your windows by hand with aerosol spray cleaners and microfibers cloths. You must first clean the window with paper towel to remove the first layer of dirt and you then finish off by reapplying the cleaner and using your microfiber cloths.

2. Cleaning your windows the “Old School Method” with a cleaning sponge and squeegee. This method has been used originally for years and still is one of the most effective ways of cleaning windows. This method can make the process a lot quicker and hassle free.

3. Cleaning your windows with a hose attached cleaning agent, such as the windex brand attachments sold in local hardware stores. This method may not be as effective, but it does the job to keep your windows as clean as possible. This can help due to having limited access to clean the windows, so the combination of the garden hose water pressure and cleaning agents, combine to help remove all unwanted dirt and dust.

Arc Window Cleaners

Arc Window Cleaners is a window cleaning company based in Monrovia, CA.

1. Use dish washing liquid, and do not use Windex, at least not for a professional clean.

2. When cleaning stained glass, have a damp hand towel to apply moisture to the window and a perfectly dry hand towel to follow immediately afterwards to buff out all streaks.

3. The best type of towels to use on glass are surgical towels that are made to be lint free, so that lint doesn’t get into the inside of patients. They are blue, and can be purchased at janitorial supply stores.

First Class Cleaning FLA

First Class Cleaning FLA is a residential cleaning company based in Miami, FL.

The soul of your home.

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the windows are the soul of our home. At First Class Cleaning Fla we know that it is because apart from letting natural light in, it allows you to enjoy the landscape that nature and the environment give you.

That’s why today we want to give you three tips to leave your windows super clean.

1. Add vinegar: And let it be white! In a container add water and a stream of white vinegar. Once you remove the dirt, use a lint-free cloth, moistened with this mixture.

2. Use newspaper: Once you have removed the dirt, you can wet a newspaper with water or white vinegar, pass it on the surface and end it with a dry newspaper.

3. Water and soap: Prepare soapy water with liquid soap. Use a sponge to clean and remove any residue, remove with a glass cleaner.

If you liked these tips, you can go to or follow us on our social networks @firstclasscleaningfla where you will have more information with this and also know about our promotions and discounts. #FirstClasscleaningFla

EH Clean

EH Clean is a residential cleaning company based in Concord, CA.

The best ways to clean windows are:

1) With a squeegee, hot soapy water and razor blade.

2) With windex and microfiber towels.

3) With a terry towel and hot soapy water with vinegar.


MrCleanSD is a residential cleaning company based in San Diego, CA.

#1 Windows and Mirrors That Haven’t Been Cleaned in a While:

Use a blue window cleaner like Windex (any brand or generic will do if it contains ammonia) and a paper towel; this cuts both the dirt and grease. On the second go around, use an alcohol based aerosol like Sprayway Window Cleaner; the alcohol cleaner is the easiest way to clean streaks that ammonia can leave. For maintenance cleaning just clean once with an alcohol cleaner and paper towel.

#2 Inside and Outside Windows Close to an Ocean:

Mix 2 tablespoons of blue Dawn Ultra with 1 gallon of water and use a rag to clean the windows, then squeegee. Once the squeegee water marks dry, take a dry, clean paper towel and buff out the squeegee marks. The Dawn cuts the grease and the water dissolves the salt.

#3 Windows in a Smoker’s Home:

Spray a 30% ammonia and water solution on the windows and wipe with a clean paper towel, and repeat. Then clean with a blue ammonia based cleaner. Finally finish with an alcohol based cleaner.

Nashville Clean Windows

Nashville Clean Windows is a window and pressure cleaning company based in Nashville, TN.

Spray Bottle and Paper Towels (or Grandmas Favorite ‘Newspaper Technique’)

Drop a dime sized amount of Dawn dish liquid in a spray bottle filled with water, spray your windows, and wipe clean with your paper towels or your newspaper. Personally this one I don’t love, (because it is messy and the little fibers from the newspaper and the paper towels are left behind on the windows.) But it gets the job done.

Steel Wool, Dawn, and A Squeegee

Certainly a step up from the first process and currently a well used and proven process in the professional industry today. Make sure that you get 0000 (that’s 4 zeros) steel wool at your local hardware store as its the finest available and will not scratch your windows. Spray the windows, agitate with the street wool, and squeegee off. We understand that a squeegee requires a learning curve so, if your not very good at squeegeeing just use a microfiber towel. We use this process professionally every day. (Personally we add Glass Gleam solution which really makes your windows stand out) But we don’t expect a home owner to spend that kind of money on a specialty solution.

Water Fed Pole System with De-ionized filtration.

This is quite possibly the pinnacle of window cleaning technology. This ‘water fed pole’ system cleans every mineral out of the water and feeds it up a line into a boars hair brush that does the agitation for removing the dirt, while the water washes it away leaving a spotless finish. This process is one that only professional window cleaners dabble in because the cost of the equipment. This technique keeps many window cleaners much safer because they can work up to 4 stories of windows from the ground without having to get on a ladder. If you’re the weekend warrior, I recommend sticking with the steel wool, it’ll serve you well.

Pressure Washing Katy

Pressure Washing Katy is a pressure washing company based in Katy, TX.

The best method for cleaning exterior windows is with a water fed pole and brush. This method is how many professionals clean exterior windows up to 4 stories safely from the ground. Due to the cost of the equipment and filters it doesn’t make sense for home owners to use this method.

A squeegee and mop are also a good option but there are several drawbacks. This method takes quite a lot of practice to perfect and the cost is fairly low, especially when compared to the water fed pole method. It can be nearly impossible to use the squeegee and mop method on a window in direct sunlight in the summer because the cleaning solution simply dries too fast and there will be bad streaking.

Glass spray and paper towels are the most common and easiest method. There are many sprays to chose from so if you already have some it should be just fine. Simply spray on and wipe off with a dry cloth or paper towel, the trick is to keep buffing the glass until it is completely dry or else it will streak.

Fresh Take Cleaning

Fresh Take Cleaning is a residential cleaning company based in Long Island, NY.

Vinegar cleaning solution: The best part about using a vinegar solution is It’s safe, eco-friendly and best of all cheap, all you need is equal parts vinegar and water, rubbing alcohol, and a little bit of dish soap in a spray bottle. We use this to pre-clean windows, just spray and let sit for up to 5 mins.  Use a rubber squeegee on large paned windows or a sponge and microfiber cloth to get a streak free clean.

The S pattern: One of the most common mistakes is using a circular motion to wipe away stains, streaks and cleaning solution. If you use a circular motion you are cleaning dirt from one area, taking up dirt from another area and bring the dirt back to the first area you cleaned. Instead, wipe with an S- shape from edge to edge of the pane, it will be quicker and give you better results.

Clean every angle and area: Windows are not just the glass section, it includes the pane too. Dust can easily settle on the panes, you can easily, wipe, dust or vacuum it away. Finally check different angles of the glass, streaks are easy to miss if you’re only looking at it from one angle.

These are our top 3 favorite tips for cleaning windows. If you follow these tips it will help make cleaning windows and glass less of a chore. You’ll love the results and be done in no time!

Azure Sky

Azure Sky is a window cleaning company based in Escondido, CA.

Here are a few quick tips for window cleaning.

1. For window cleaning like a pro, squeegees work well. Do an S-shaped pattern starting from the top and making a sharp turn at the edges, snaking down to the bottom. Finish up the edges with a cloth to dry. If the top for the window is too high to reach, put the cloth over the squeegee to dry the edges.

2. For green cleaning, use a mixture of half water and half white vinegar. If you have very dirty windows you can add a few drops of dish soap to the mix.

3. Hard water spots can be very difficult to remove and can cost extra if you pay for window cleaning services, but you can try to remove them on your own. One mixture that works well is vinegar, vodka and cola. Spray on and leave for a minute or two before you start scrubbing. Treating with rain protector after cleaning will help prevent those spots.

Gorgeous Window and Gutter

Gorgeous Window and Gutter is a window cleaning company based in Hood River, OR.

For a pro quality clean use a microfiber mop and squeegee:

1) For a cleaning solution, using just a drop or 2 of dish soap works fine.

2) Before starting to squeegee from the top down, use a lint-free towel to wipe the top edge to prevent streaking.

3) Wipe the remaining edges and you’re done

For stubborn spots such as specks of paint or bug debris:

1) Use your mop to wet the area

2) Scrub the spot using 0000 steel wool

If you don’t want to use the mop and squeegee:

1) Ditch the paper towels and Windex

2) Use a micro fiber towel and Sprayaway glass cleaner

South Mountain Window Cleaning

South Mountain Window Cleaning is a window cleaning company based in Phoenix, AZ.

The 3 Best Ways To Clean Windows.

1. Traditional mop and squeegee. Most professional window cleaners use a mop to scrub soap onto the glass and a squeegee to remove the dirty water from the glass. This is the best method but takes time and patience to learn and get streak free results.

2. Pure water system. In recent years the use of the water-fed-pole window cleaning device has become more popular. The water fed pole uses a brush to scrub the window and then rinses the window with purified water for a spot free result. This is a great method when cleaning high windows and large commercial windows.

3. Good ‘ol newspaper and vinegar. A tried and true method to clean windows has always been newspaper and equal parts water and vinegar. Apply the vinegar solution to the glass and wipe clean with the newspaper.

Fresh Tech Maid

Fresh Tech Maid is a residential cleaning company based in Chicago, IL.

Dust the window

Before you spray, get all of the excess dust and dirt off quickly. This ensures when you wet the surface it won’t create a mud like substance on the window and you can clean it effectively. Use a brush or the correct vacuum dusting attachment to do this.

Spray the Window

Next, spray the window with your cleaner, we recommend deionized water or ‘DI Water’. Di water is the purest form of water, which we like to call hungry water as it traps microorganisms. Not only is this safe for your window and the rest of your home, it is chemical free so it does not harm the earth!

Wipe With a Microfiber Cloth and Repeat!

Microfiber cloths contain thousands of microscopic hooks which trap dirt. Paired with di water, they not only sanitize the surface, but trap dirt. Run the microfiber cloth both horizontally and vertically along the window until there are no streaks.

Clear Choice Window Cleaning

Clear Choice Window Cleaning is a window cleaning company based in Alexandria, VA.

Fill an empty spray bottle with two or three squirts of liquid dishwashing soap. Glass cleaning is more about technique than any magical cleaning formula.

Spray the window with the solution thoroughly and use a small hand towel to scrub the glass. Use a dry microfiber towel (or squeegee if available) to completely wipe away all the solution so the glass is completely dry. This likely will require an extra microfiber towels after multiple windows.

Use a fine grade #0000 piece of steel wool on non tinted windows to polish and remove any stubborn stains from the glass. The final step is to inspect the glass at multiple angles.

Gabe’s Spotless Window Cleaning

Gabe’s Spotless Window Cleaning is a window cleaning company based in Tucson, AZ.

Squeegee and soap for deep cleaning- Pour 5 oz of soap into a 1 gallon bucket and mix, but not too sudsy. Take a micro-fiber towel or sponge and clean glass with soapy water. Take squeegee and run it across the window horizontally, with the high end in front to avoid lines.

Liquid glass cleaner or aerosol spray for maintenance – Spray cleaner on a window. Use a dry microfiber cloth or newspaper to wipe window in circular motion. Note: these type of evaporative cleaners will leave a visible residue over time, so every third cleaning it is recommended to use the squeegee method to remove any build up.

Microfiber with water only for those with environmental concerns – Take two microfiber towels, one wet (but not sopping) and one dry. Clean the window with the wet towel, then dry with the other. Note: You should keep these microfiber towels separate for only window cleaning and always let them air dry after washing to avoid causing them to become too linty.

Pandonic Window Cleaning

Pandonic Window Cleaning is a window cleaning company based in Albuquerque, NM.

Side to Side

The easiest method to clean your windows, is Side-to-Side as it takes almost no experience to master. You simply start at the top, left or right, and pull to the opposite side. You then start again on the side where you began and pull side to side until you reach the bottom.

The Pole Method

This method is reliable as it forces water to travel horizontally with a vertical stroke. Start at the top, left or right, and always keep the edge of the squeegee that points towards the window frame – higher than the other side. This forces the water to hit the squeegee as we pull down and it travels towards the frame.

The Wave

The wave has many names but you can essentially clean the window in whatever assortments of motions it takes to clean it. This method is best as it is the quickest once you have mastered it. You typically glide from one top corner to the next then down the sides and then handle the remaining soapy solution in the middle. You then glide down to finish the bottom which can conclude on either the bottom or the side. It looks like a swirly artwork of cleanliness.

Blue Pacific Window Cleaning

Blue Pacific Window Cleaning is a window cleaning company based in Waialua, HI.

Well, the 3 most common ways we see people cleaning their windows go in tiers:

1. The Lazy Sunday – This is where a homeowner will take their hose when they’re rinsing down the patio or watering the plants and they’ll shoot down the dirty bug filled screens and give the windows a rinse while they’re at it. This method is NOT GOOD for your windows. Depending on where you live in the country, most places have hard tap water or at least some version of it. When you rinse your windows and allow them to air dry, the water evaporates leaving behind minerals that will bond to the glass and no longer come off with a regular cleaning even by a professional.

2. Windex & Friends – This is a little more effort, and can give you sparkling, streak free windows, just as advertised! But how long do they last? While Windex and similar products do a great job, the residue left behind can sometimes lead to windows getting dirtier faster than a professional cleaning. This is an OK method for cleaning windows.

3. Professional Window Cleaning – Professional window cleaning is the best (if you hire the best like Blue Pacific Window Cleaning in Hawaii). Professionals have a number of tools and methods for getting your windows clean. The most common method is scrubbing it down and then using an experienced hand and squeegee combination to deliver flawless results. A good window cleaner will also clean the tracks and frames surrounding the glass so that surrounding dirt doesn’t attract more dirt. This is the BEST method for a homeowner.

Dallas Best Window and Gutter Cleaning

Dallas Best Window and Gutter Cleaning is a window cleaning company based in Dallas, TX.

When we look at windows to be cleaned we asses how bad they are.

Stage 1: wash and squeegee cleaning tracks and brushing screens clean.

Stage 2: wash and scrub glass with a nonabrasive pad to remove normal grime on glass and squeegee dry cleaning tracks and brushing screens.

Stage 3: windows with a heavy haze buildup requires the use of a steel wool pad we wash and then buff completely clean all haze from the glass surface and washing screens.

We only use soaps made just for cleaning glass and screens, most of the time outside windows should be cleaned every six months and inside windows at least once a year. If you never open your windows it is a good idea to take screens out, it keeps windows behind the screen cleaner and the dirt doesn’t get caught behind the screen and gets forced under the seal a of window.

There you guys have it, straight from the professionals. Whether you are trying to clean your windows at home or as a business owner you have various methods to choose from.

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